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Authentic Rum Punch

Party Like A Pirate This Weekend.

Our Rum Punch’s authentic flavor is the stuff legends are made of, reminiscent of days when British sailors traveled the globe seeking adventure and treasure. Fortunately, you only have to add rum, take a sip, and you’re off to distant tropical islands and fun times.

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Making awesome rum punch can be challenging. Good thing we’ve taken the guesswork out with a complex blend of delicious tropical fruit juices and exotic organic flavors like vanilla and coconut brought together in perfect proportions. Tastes so good you’ll make it by the punch bowl.


Tangerine juice from concentrate, clarified pineapple juice from concentrate, grape juice from concentrate, orange juice from concentrate, lemon juice from concentrate, water, organic agave syrup, fruit and vegetable juice for color, organic coconut flavoring, organic natural flavors.

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