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Cranberry-Pomegranate Margarita

Not Your Mother’s Margarita.

We’ve taken the traditional margarita and put a new spin on it to create a sophisticated cocktail that blows away the syrupy sweet concoctions you drank at college parties. You’ve come a long way since then, shouldn’t your favorite tequila drink?

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let’s get real

The cranberries and pomegranates in our mix do much more than create beautiful Instagram-worthy cocktails. The addition of those berries provides a slight tangy but overwhelming refreshing margarita with a pleasant aftertaste that lingers letting you hold onto the experience longer than a Mexican sunset.


Lime juice from concentrate, organic agave syrup, grape juice from concentrate, orange juice from concentrate, water, lemon juice from concentrate, pomegranate juice from concentrate, cranberry juice from concentrate, organic natural flavors, fruit and vegetable juice for color.

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